Things you Need to Know Before Buying Instagram Followers

Without a doubt, numbers do matter when it comes to marketing on social platforms such as Instagram. With a large following, you can accrue immense benefits. Your brand becomes more visible to your target audience and you can still make extra money.

Today, you will find numerous third-party companies selling followers for as little as five dollars. It is no secret that most celebrities and other social media influencers buy followers from time to time. Whether it is ethical or not, below are some important things you need to know before buying Instagram followers.

It’s simple

Buying followers on Instagram can be pretty simple. Bearing in mind the benefits that a large following could bring your way, it’s also very tempting. These services are readily available online and you can buy up to ten thousand followers. If you are low on finances, you can still buy followers for as little as five dollars. One of such services is AudienceGain that promises to boost your online presence by offering views, likes, and followers based on the amount you want to spend. You can click here to read Jonathan’s report on Spireabout AudienceGain.


You can only build legitimacy by growing your online presence organically. That way, you will gain respect, trust, and loyalty from your customers. Despite the immense pressure to accrue as many followers as possible, it’s pointless to have huge numbers without any real engagement or without any traffic being driven to your website.

Building your own name organically is not for the faint-hearted though. It may take too much time and effort but the longterm benefits cannot be matched. Buying followers would reflect badly on your brand if you are discovered, and may cost your brand the credibility it took so long to build.

Engagement is what matters

Today, marketers and other social media users alike have become savvier than they were a couple of years back. They understand that engagement and activity levels in your account are more important than the numbers you boast. Brands will not advertise on your page if there is minimal engagement irrespective of the number of followers you have.

Therefore, if you buy followers, ensure you are getting real followers and not fake bots. People will start questioning the credibility of your brand if the activity levels on your account don’t match the number of followers you have.


As simple as it is, buying followers can give your account an implication of popularity. However, that’s just as far as it gets. You will end up with followers who have no interest in your brand and who will not impact your business in any positive way. Therefore, if you can beat the temptation and focus on growing your account organically, the benefits will soon follow.