How Manufacturers Can Use Instagram to Grow Their Brands

Manufacturers work in a totally different business environment compared to traditional retail businesses. However, just the way other businesses use Instagram, so should manufacturers use this platform to build extend their reach and make sales. Let us look at how you can grow your brand as a manufacturer using this platform.

Get Timely Feedback

Instagram works well when you use it for two-way dialogue. You can, in the process, post content in terms of images and videos and trigger reaction from your customers. The best images to post include product development procedures, design changes, latest products and company news. Getting the right feedback can help you make decisions.

Show Off Your Processes

Giving a peek into the behind-the-scenes into your development and design process shows the audience what you go through to deliver the products they love so much. Take snapshots of your processes to highlight the main points. People are curious to know how you do everything!

Don’t just focus on the general process, instead, show the funny and glamorous steps that the users don’t know about. There are parts of the process that just a few people have ever experienced that many people will find interesting.

What Can Your Products Do?

Yes, there might be a general aspect of what your products do, but there might be other uses that the masses don’t know about. You can create a short video of such features to grab the attention of the audience. You can use Instagram stories to discuss the various steps to use to enjoy the product in different ways.

You can also set up a contest to award the best innovative way to use your product in different ways. Doing this will attract more people to your page and put you ahead of the competition.

Bring Out Your Team, and the Office

When it comes to manufacturing, most people don’t know who is behind the different product enhancements. The faces behind your products make it easy to personalize your Instagram campaign. People usually relate to a human touch and will relax when they know they are engaging with a real person.

Post images that showcase the day-to-day goings on in the offices, highlighting what the employees do on daily basis.  You get to show the company culture to your audience, something that will be well consumed.

Get More Followers

You can leverage the use of established hashtags to make sure you engage with an audience that understands what you are doing. You should also come up with the right hashtags for users to follow you. Jumping into the craze can make you get noticed and appreciated by a wider audience.

With more followers, you stand to gain buyers. You also gain an authority in your niche. One of the ways to get followers is to automate your engagement. The Small Business Blog researched Social Drift and found it suitable for this task.

Final Words

As a manufacturer, you need to take time to use Instagram to advance your business process.