Innstagram Hacks You Probably Don’t Know About

According to a research carried out in 2016, about 35 percent of online adults use Instagram for engagement and 38 percent of these use the app many times a day. Those who are new on the platform or want to take their experience to the next level can invest in some less-known tools, features, and tricks to make progress. You can get some of these tricks on Income Artist. Today we quickly highlight a few hacks that are not so popular, yet very effective in helping you to reach your growth targets on Instagram.

Convert Your Feed to a Shoppable Webpage

Shoppable content on Instagram is used to make the process of shopping products easy. It allows users to express interest and purchase your products directly from your posts. It is very easy to identify shoppable posts on Instagram because of the shopping bag icon.  As people scroll through your feed, they will see a pop-up at the bottom left corner of the screen prompting them to view your products. You can use this feature to increase sales for your business without having to increase your marketing budget.

New Features for Your Bio

Do you know that your bio can give visitors a stunning first impression? One feature that can make your bio unique is the use of line breaks. If you add them through Instagram, they will be removed.  Use any note-taking app on your phone to type out your bio then copy the text to the bio field on your profile. Change the name field in your bio to reflect your brand as this is searchable. This will allow you to appear in more search results on the explore page.

Caption Hacks

Just like in your bio, line breaks give your captions a more attractive appearance thus making them easy to read. Previously, you had to use dashes or symbols to create the line breaks manually. Things are different now. All you need to do is press the return key when writing your caption to insert the break.

 Boost Engagement on Your Stories

You can get more engagement on your stories by using hashtags. While many people ignore them, hashtags give your content the chance to be seen by new users. Try using them in your next story and see the difference. Instagram allows you to upload multiple stories at once. Take advantage of this feature to preview your entire storyline before posting.

Final Word

Instagram Stories is a relatively new feature and just like any other feature, some people do not like it. If you are such a person then do not worry, there is a solution for you. Instagram gives you the ability to hide other people’s stories without unfollowing them.