How Gramista Compares to FollowAdder

Are you looking for a new Instagram bot that would help you in marketing your brand? Perhaps you may be tired of using the same old tools that are popular among bot users. If so, you may want to have a look at Gramista, and just to let you know how good it is, this article compares it with FollowAdder.

FollowAdder: Description

FollowAdder is easily one of the leading Instagram bots available in the market, mostly thanks to its ease of use and various features available. The package is often complete with features, which justifies its high price. Also, FollowAdder comes with specific features that make it stand out from the classic automatic commenting, following, and liking.

FollowAdder: Features

For people who want various choices and selections, FollowAdder is suitable. Its installation is simple, and its different custom options are sensible. The customer service they provide is quite top-notch, so you’ll enjoy your experience as you use it.

The basic functions of a typical automation bot such as automatic commenting, following, and liking are available. Beyond that, you can put other users on a whitelist or blacklist. Specifically, the whitelist enables you to list accounts that should never be unfollowed, while the blacklist refers to accounts that will not be followed. The automation bot also avoids adding fake profiles, so you are sure that your followers will be authentic.

Gramista: Description

For anyone who wants a new Instagram automation bot, Gramista is sufficient for the job. However, unlike FollowAdder which comes with various features, Gramista only has the standard functions. As such, the package is cheaper, and the amount you have to pay depends on the length of your subscription. For more details, Fred Harrington wrote about Gramista.

Gramista: Features

Although Gramista is a newer Instagram bot, its functions are quite standard. Its dashboard has the settings you need to adjust. For example, the Liker function enables your account to slowly gain likes, while the Smart Mode limits the people you follow to 1,000 users maximum. If you wish to leverage Gramista, you need to take advantage of popular hashtags, which enables the system to choose related accounts.


Although Gramista is somewhat lacking in features that FollowAdder has, it still is quite functional when it comes to its purpose. One advantage of Gramista over FollowAdder is its simple-to-use application, which makes it less confusing for new users. Another is that Gramista is much cheaper than FollowAdder since it only has standard functions.