Getting Your Body Buff On: Finding the Best Gym-Fit for You

Best Gym-Fit

fit-gym1Every single gym won’t be the exact same, they’re almost like humans (notice how I said “almost”). Every single branch is going to have a different philosophy, as well as different environment for you to take in. Some are going to be rather relaxed, while others are going to offer up a high-impact atmosphere (one that can get you pumped up and ready to lift). It all depends on what you want to go to the gym for, as well as where you’re located. If you don’t get a membership to the proper gym, it’s going to be very uncomfortable when it comes time to work out. If you’re a teenager looking to get fit, you probably shouldn’t be trying to join up at a senior citizen gym. The signs are obvious, maybe the fact that everybody is over the age of 40-years old would give it away (but that’s just a hunch!). No matter what you plan on doing at the gym, the right fit isn’t going to just find you, you’ve got to be willing to find the right fit for yourself.

By all means, feel free to take a look online when it comes to the gyms available in your area. Some of the websites that these gyms have set-up will even tell you about the equipment they’re letting everyone use. You don’t want to go to a gym with a very minimal amount of selection (when it comes to the machines), especially if you’re looking to build up lean muscle mass. Some of these gyms are going to offer personal trainers and such, which is great if that’s what you’re looking for. There are numerous things for you to be additionally charged for at these places, and that’s why it’s important for you to find a gym that suits your needs. One that suits your needs is always ideal, but one that is also affordable is going to take the entire cake.

The Atmosphere

Olympic-inspired workouts fit for the gymI’m a guy that likes to get pumped up, so I’m going to want an atmosphere filled with dudes who are equally as large (or even larger) than I am. It gives me a little bit more motivation to work harder when I’m lifting, because I’m seeing the results I want to achieve on the body of other people. You might not be the kind of person that wants a pump, as opposed to a little bit of weight training and some cool-down jogging. Some people want to be as large as possible, whereas others just want to stay in shape. Most gyms will have:

  • Music to keep a lot of people entertained while they work out – even though most people on the planet tend to bring their own music to the gym
  • Televisions on the treadmills – because thinking about nothing while running is the easiest way to go about getting tired
  • The highest quality equipment around – this only applies to the “upper-end” gyms, most of which will have things like Indoor Training Bikes (and such)
  • Some sort of spa or sauna for you to make use of – usually used for those after-workout relaxation sessions

The atmosphere is going to say a lot about your gym, so make sure you go to one that has the right sort of setting. If you’re a woman that’s 5’5 and 110 pounds, you probably wouldn’t want to go to one of those “muscleman” gyms. Well, unless you just plan on checking a few muscular dudes out, as that seems like something a small (and hopefully attractive) woman would do.

The Equipment

Gymfit-BathA gym is only as useful as the equipment they provide you with, so if all they have are a few mats and some barbells, you probably need to find a new gym. Head out to your local YMCA and you’ll see what an average gym looks like, they have tons of equipment but none of it is that brand new. Brand new equipment is usually only sported by the most high-end gyms around, either that or they were freshly constructed.

It’s almost inevitable to get away from the wear and tear of gym equipment, but only the best ones replace the equipment once it’s gotten to a certain point. If you can’t feel the padding underneath the cushions of your leg press machine, odds are you’re going to need a new one (as in right now).

There you have it! Finding a gym is important guys (and girls) – and now you know why.