Factors to Consider Before Buying an Inversion Table

Back pain can literally turn your world upside-down, especially if it goes on for a long time. The same way your pain might be as a result of varying reasons, treatments are also diverse. However, it’s important to ascertain the cause in order to seek the best-suited treatment method. Most back pain problems are caused by straining the spine in the course of your day to day activities.

Sitting down for long hours and lifting heavy objects are some of the most popular causes. These can be treated by an inversion table, making it a worthwhile investment if you daily activities involve straining your back muscles. Inversion tables work by decompressing the spine to relieve pain. However, before you buy one, take into account the following factors.

Controllable Inversion

Inversion tables are designed differently, thus, it’s important you ensure that your preferred features are present on the model or design you want to purchase. One of the most important features is the ability to control the degree of your inversion.

Whereas it is a common feature in most tables, it’s in important to confirm its presence. This feature allows you to invert yourself steadily at your own pace to avoid side effects such as nausea and dizziness.


There is a wide selection of brands in the market. They come in different styles and designs to lure potential customers. However, some of these brands have been on the market long enough to establish and build a firm reputation.

Others may not have been around for so long but they may also have proved their worth over time. Therefore, look for reputable brands and find one of their models with the features you want and also that falls within your budget. Anne Keiley over at Free Your Spine recommends these ones, Ironman Gravity 4000, Teeter EP-560 Ltd, and Innova ITX9600.

Frame Material


Remember that your body will be inverted completely on this table. Hence, it’s important to select one that can withstand your body weight and with a durable frame that won’t break easily. A poor quality frame can break easily while your body is inverted causing unwanted injuries or worsening your back pain.

Considering that your entire body weight rests on the table, you have to be one hundred percent sure that it won’t give out under you or break. The best and the strongest material for frames are steel. On the other hand, see to it that the floor protectors you use are of good quality to avoid skidding during use. Larger frames make the tables more stable which is essential for safety and durability.


Whereas comfort may be a secondary factor to consider, do not underestimate its importance. For more comfort, look for a table with thick pads. You cannot use an inversion table that is not comfortable. For additional support, you may seek ones with an extra padding for the neck or lumbar support for your lower back.